Upholstery Cleaning

If you think that maintaining upholstery of any kind in a good condition for a long time is impossible, we will convince you to rethink your position. There is just one thing you need to achieve this seemingly difficult feat – our number. We, from Cleaners Balham, will revitalise your furniture quickly and for a cheap price. Our cost-efficient upholstery cleaning in Balham SW12 is executed by skilled pros. It is also highly rated by clients and greatly admired by our competition.

Enjoy hassle-free upholstery cleaning in Balham

Those you who have ever tried to clean the upholstery in their home have probably ended up spending a tonne of money on various products and long hours washing and wiping their furniture pieces only to end up with a rather disappointing result. Forget about that and do yourself a favour with our non-complicated and well-organised upholstery cleaning service in SW12 Balham. We will carry out every stage of the cleaning process and we will be the ones to select the detergents for the job. We have many years of experience and, so far, we have had no accidents or unpleasant surprises when cleaning upholstery. Still, the fact that we are a fully insured firm will surely give you an extra peace of mind and yet another good reason to trust us. Of course, our motivated and attentive cleaners will carefully hear out all of your special requirements and wishes, if you have any. That will enable them to personalise the service and to provide you with an even more effective upholstery cleaning service.

Our speedy upholstery cleaning process explained

Upon contacting us, you will be given a free no-obligation quote. Our polite consultants can also estimate your cleaning costs and give you a custom-tailored quotation if you want to stick to a firmly set budget. We start r upholstery cleaning project by first doing a meticulous inspection of the piece that has to be treated to properly check its condition and the materials from which it is made. That will enable us to decide which cleaning supplies and methods to use. Next – we get to work! We have various innovative cleaning machines and tools that can quickly remove everything from pet hair and dust to ketchup stains and bacteria. Of course, we won’t leave without making one more inspection of the treated upholstery just to be 100% certain that we have not missed a spot, for example. Don’t worry because although we are extremely thorough, our trusted upholstery cleaning in SW12 Balham is executed in very fast manner. Therefore, we won’t keep you away from your furniture for too long.

Unmatched quality for a dirt-cheap price

We, at Cleaners Balham, are known for our affordable upholstery cleaning service which starts at only £7 per dining chair and £14 per sofa seat. To preserve the outstanding results of our flexible upholstery cleaning in SW12, we also offer useful and inexpensive Scotchgard options. Their price is set at just £7 per sofa seat which is a truly rare bargain. If you think that this is cheap, wait until you hear about our deals. We will give you a 10% price cut if you book us our professional upholstery cleaning in combination with some of our other steam cleaning services worth more than £100. Plus, if you spend at least £80 on our upholstery cleaning solution, we will add a free office chair cleaning to your name. Our prices are competitive but we manage to maintain the quality of our comprehensive upholstery cleaning in Balham at a premium level because we work with experienced cleaners.